Spotlight: Arthur P. Schalick High School

Arthur P. Schalick High School - Pittsgrove, NJ Title: Acknowledge Grantee: AtlantiCare Team Leader: Leah Benson Content written by: Leah Benson Following the first marking period, a bulletin board was created outside of the main office to spotlight the individuals that qualified for perfect attendance. Qualifications for perfect attendance in our school include all activities [...]

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Spotlight: Clayton High School

Clayton High School, Clayton Title: “Doughnut” skip the healthier option! Grantee: Clayton High School Team Leader: Kate Hallinan Content written by: Kate Hallinan Every marking period (four times a year) Clayton Middle/High School hosts a Principal’s List Breakfast. Over 70 students and parents come out each marking period to celebrate the academic achievement of our [...]

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Spotlight: Ocean City Intermediate School’s Wellness Center

Ocean City Intermediate School’s Wellness Center The Wellness Center at the OCIS came about after much success with the Wellness Center at the High School.  Our Superintendent, Dr. Taylor and other Administrators worked diligently with the community, including the Ocean City Education Foundation, to take the second Wellness Center from a possibility to a reality. At [...]

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Spotlight: Wildwood Public Schools, Wildwood

Wildwood Public Schools, Wildwood Learning in a Classroom by the Sea Grantee: Josepha Penrose Team Leader: Renee McGaffney Content Written by: Renee McGaffney What started out as a few raised beds in a parking lot blossomed into an innovative outdoor classroom. The idea of the project started five years ago after a small outdoor garden [...]

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Spotlight: Millville Public School District

Millville High School, Bacon Elementary School, & Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, Millville, NJ Three Millville Schools Participate in the Jolly Holly Challenge Millville Public School District School Wellness Team Leaders: Victor Nappen, Stephanie Muhlbaier, & Robin Rivell Submitted by: Stacy Descalzi, District Wellness Team Leader The Millville District Wellness Team challenged district schools to assemble [...]

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E-Cigarettes: Addiction Renewed and Reimagined

By: Abena Dakwahene You’d have to be living under a rock to not know what a vape pen or an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) is. It might be plugged into your child’s or student’s laptop right now and you have no idea. The most commonly used vaping device is a JUUL, an electronic cigarette that is [...]

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Atlantic County Institute of Technology

One challenge that ACIT has faced throughout the process of implementing the WSCC AtlantiCare grant is getting other teachers and staff members on board with activities and implementing them within the school. We have a solid membership on the school health committee, but meeting attendance can be sparse at times due to coaching obligations and additional [...]

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Will Sleep Deprivation = Later School Start Times?

According to the CDC over 41 million American adults get 6 or less hours of sleep per night, causing concerns related to sleep deprivation. More alarming is the fact that only about 9% of teens get the recommended 8 ½ - 9 ¼ hours of sleep each night, leading to a myriad of chronic physiological, [...]

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Spotlight: Toms River Intermediate School South

Grantee: EmPoWER Somerset Team Leader: Betty Velez-Gimbel Article information provided by: Michael Kenny Led by counselor Betty Velez-Gimbel, the WSCC project has not only been successful; it’s slowly starting to become an identifiable facet of the school. “I attribute the success this past year to the unique structure of our team,” said Velez-Gimbel during a [...]

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Why SBIRT Is Important

Screening is a critical tool that is used to promote a lifestyle change, to reduce the risk of a chronic disease, and to detect an illness early so that it can be treated effectively.1 Although screening has been used for mostly physical conditions, health professionals have seen screenings to be beneficial for mental health and [...]

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